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Working with Icarus Press is a genuine delight. Their commitment to the basic values of readership and author independence is a breath of fresh air in a world whose air is often stagnant with too much noise and too little focus on the things that help our minds breathe.
- Irene Powell, author

Bringing Authors and Readers Together

Icarus Press was born out of a small group of authors and publishing professionals as a way to enable authors, to help them realize the dream of delivering books to readers. The publishing industry has changed substantially in the past ten years. While traditional print publishing has always been difficult to break into, self-publishing opened a door that was closed to many talented authors. This is due in no small part to the obstacles that must be navigated to publish traditionally. However, self-publishing has grown to such a point that getting noticed has become a new and unwieldy problem for authors and readers alike.

Putting books in front of readers is no small task. Recent estimates show that around 7,000 new books are published each day. With such a rapidly-growing list of choices, the publishers at Icarus Press saw an opportunity: a marketplace for independent authors, run by independent authors.

The cornerstone of our approach to publishing and marketing is a sharp focus on writer-reader integration and delivering content through digital channels. We feel that bringing together the two components of the book world that really matter – writers and readers – has become crucially important at a time when choice is so abundant that it has grown difficult to make choices.

It’s All About Authors

Icarus Press Publishing is a not-for-profit organization and will remain so: it’s a key part of our vision. We’re funded by a few established authors who want to give back to the writing community, along with several benefactors who love books and the arts, and we’re committed to keeping it that way. We also have a small but dedicated team of volunteers who are, of course, book lovers.

Authors retain full ownership of their intellectual property. All proceeds from book sales are kept by authors and we don’t charge authors to participate in the Icarus Press Marketplace. We work in partnership and collaboration with authors to extend their existing web presence, and if they don't already have one, we help them by providing a good starting point.


Our new web platform is just that: new. It’s small, but we have near-term and long-term growth plans. As we add new writers and engage new readers, our library of high-quality, entertaining books will continue to grow. New features will be added to our website, including author profiles, blogs, contests, and a few cool things that we’re not ready to talk about yet. In the future, we’ll be exerting our efforts on increased engagement between readers and writers and adding new titles. Stay tuned and enjoy the new worlds that you’ll discover at Icarus Press!

- The Team at Icarus Press Publishing



Preloaded with all three Quinn Masterson books, including the first two books of the Retribution Trilogy!

*Offer available to residents of the US, Canada (excluding Québec), and the UK
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For All the Children to See
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iPhone Feature 01



What She Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Her. It Will Kill Her.

Quinn Masterson barely escaped childhood. Now, she’s the FBI’s newest criminal profiler, but as her first case unravels, Quinn’s blood turns to ice when she uncovers hints of a secret organization, unsettling rumors about her placement with the FBI, and new information arising from her terrifying abduction fourteen years ago.

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iPhone Feature 02

For All the Children
to See


In the Dead of Night, She Closes in on a Notorious Serial Killer.

Haunted by the events of the past few months, Quinn Masterson wonders how long she can get away with breaking the law she’s meant to uphold; but an unsettling discovery on a beach in California has troubling similarities to her first case with the FBI. Halfway across the world in Prague, a key piece of evidence from that case leads to a startling revelation. Unaware of this discovery, Quinn struggles to make sense of the word that's been haunting her since she joined the Bureau: RETRIBUTION.

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iPhone Feature 03

One Night in the House
of the Creepy Santas


In a Frozen Arctic Wasteland, an Ancient Legend Lies Dormant Under Three Thousand Years of Snow and Ice.

Half a world away, a Christmas Eve Nor’easter pummels Eerie Cove, Massachusetts. When FBI Agent Quinn Masterson arrives in Eerie Cove asking questions about his past, Doctor Joshua ‘Doc’ Lavine realizes that his time is running out. Once determined never to return to that house, Doc now knows he has no choice.

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iPhone Feature 04

Coming in 2022


Quinn Masterson is still processing the disturbing encounter in Corpus Christi. Struggling to reconcile what she’s become with her responsibilities at the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, that word continues to haunt her: RETRIBUTION. She’s no closer to deciphering its meaning, but when a young archaeology student from the Czech Republic reaches out to her in desperation, she’ll uncover the unsettling truth, and her very soul may be the price of admission.